Innate Wholeness Balances

 What I Do 

 Hi, I'm Damien Blake Baskette, and I specialize in efficiently balancing and relieving emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual stresses held in your body. This allows for holistic well-being and harmony in individuals' lives.

How do I do it?

I employ a blend of intuitive guidance and specialized kinesiology techniques from modalities like Touch for HealthBodytalkGEMS, S.I.P.S., Reiki, and Access BARS. Either remotely or in person I tailor sessions to address individual energy imbalances, facilitating release, and fostering healing and holistic well-being on all levels.

My Mission

From physical imbalances, fatigue, traumas, feelings of overwhelm, and depression to rediscovering your path in the universe, I am a guide here to help you identify and correct the core stresses behind a wide spectrum of issues for lasting personal transformation. Every session is tailored to your specific needs. Experience relief and rejuvenation at every level as I integrate various healing modalities to align the mind, body, and spirit.
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3-Session Package

8-Week Program
Intro Package
Harmony & Flow: Energy Wellness Essentials
Full Spectrum Balances

The pace of everyone's journey is unique, and along with my 8-week intensive program, I offer a couple of different subscriptions that can allow clients to experience ongoing support and benefits tailored to their individual needs.

Full Spectrum

Embark on your transformative journey with a Full Spectrum Balance session tailored just for you. This comprehensive session is meticulously crafted to address physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances, promoting a profound sense of harmony and vitality. Elevate your energy, release blockages, and rediscover balance in every facet of your being. 


Take advantage and begin your healing journey with a great package deal on your first 3 sessions. This limited offer allows you to initiate your healing journey at a special value, making the benefits of holistic energy healing more accessible than ever. Experience the transformative power of these sessions, begin your healing journey and discover the extraordinary impact of holistic energy practices on your overall well-being.


6-Month Commitment
to Yourself
For those looking to maintain balance,  join my monthly subscription and have access to a session twice a month for half a year. By subscribing, you ensure regular, ongoing care beyond sporadic sessions that can be more of a temporary band-aid for your issues. Experience the cumulative benefits of sustained energy alignment, fostering resilience and harmony in your daily life.


2-Month Commitment
to Yourself
This 2 month/once a week subscription is for those who recognize the support that 1 on 1 sessions can give and want  sustained momentum and forward progress on their healing journey.


I recommend a Full Spectrum Balance to address all issues; however, if a specific modality is desired, I can do that as well.


Embarking on a transformative journey through a Reiki session is a wonderful choice for those seeking balance and healing on multiple levels. It's a non-invasive and deeply calming experience that can help release energetic blockages and support the body's natural healing processes. If you're ready to experience the transformative power of Reiki, I'm here to guide you through this journey.


The BodyTalk System incorporates a comprehensive understanding of the body's energy systems, meridians, and communication pathways. Through techniques such as neuromuscular biofeedback and light tapping, we can establish a dialogue with the body's innate intelligence, allowing it to guide the healing process.


Rooted in applied kinesiology. Touch for Health, G.E.M.S, and Stress Indicator Point System form the backbone of my Full Spectrum Balances and act as a guiding force to identify and address energy imbalances. The synergy between these modalities ensures that clients experience a holistic transformation, addressing immediate concerns and fostering a sustainable and balanced energetic state.

Access BARS

From promoting mental clarity and reducing stress to facilitating deeper relaxation and supporting emotional release, Access Bars is known for its ability to create a sense of overall balance and harmony. Many individuals find relief from persistent thought patterns, anxiety, and emotional burdens through the gentle and non-invasive touch applied to specific Bars.

Take advantage of my free guide that explains what I consider to be the Top 3 Reasons you can be a mindful person living a healthy life but still not feel or be at your best.

Balanced Clients

Over the course of three very different sessions, Damien was able to help peel away multiple layers of accumulated emotional body imbalance. Depending on the emerging priority of the session, the effects were different. I felt much energy being moved, especially in the first deep session, and felt lighter after all three. It was definitely a necessity progression!


"I like to get monthly tune-ups because I can tell my body responds well to the treatments and something interesting always shows up in the sessions. I also notice a general sense of well-being after the sessions as well as relief if I'm experiencing any kind of symptoms like not sleeping well, pain, itching from bug bites, and fatigue to name a few. Mostly I use the treatments as part of my wellness and self-care. Damien is highly intuitive, professional, and a skilled practitioner. The treatments always dive into something that needed to be looked at and I love how in-depth and thorough the methodology is. "

My work with Damien continues to be a work in process. Damien is a skilled and compassionate healer and I am so glad our paths crossed 


"The session left me feeling overall relaxed and confident and for the next couple weeks I experienced a large increase in my financial gain. Receiving mayn’t more clients without effort. I felt the session shifted a blockage that was keeping me from being available to this abundance. "

 What are you waiting for? 

About Me
I've always been a bit of a reluctant "healer," but after a divorce from a 5-year marriage, I decided it was time to live for myself and began my intuition-based journey through life.

The first place that took me was to learn Reiki and using a pendulum to begin my own healing and more easily tap into my intuition. Within a year, I left my profession as a video editor, sold my house and most of my belongings, and hit the road with my faithful dog, Otis.

This eventually led me to the lush jungles of Costa Rica. My amazing teacher, Alexis Costello, introduced me to the Touch for Health specialized kinesiology modality. I also learned her GEMS protocols, as well as the Stress Indicator Points System. Soon after, I came across the BodyTalk system taught by Lisa Morris, and a friend of hers also introduced me to the Access BARS methods.

I now combine all these systems into one full-spectrum healing package that allows for deep-release balancing and healing on all levels. Being my own best customer, I can attest to the profound change these sessions can offer, and I am eager to share these tools with anyone ready for real change and growth.


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