Gratitude = More Magic

Got Magic? Do you now realize that YOU are manifesting everything that shows up in your Dream? Yes, we are dreaming all of the time.

I begin each day with this INtention and as a result my days are filled with positivity, magic, and synchronicities. And if something happens that throws me off a bit, I can reclaim my energetic balance and frequency very quickly.

As soon as I awaken out of what many call the “sleeping dream”, I immediately go into Gratitude before having any other thoughts about the day. I name off all of the things that I AM grateful for, from my soft pillow to my space wherever I am staying, then giving great thanks for my miraculous body, surroundings and on and on. This immediately raises my vibration before thinking about anything that needs to be done in the “future”. I have trained myself to do this and the rewards are undeniable…… Next I envision my day flowing with magic & miracles. Then I state to myself: “Today I will make it a point to UPlift & INspire everyone I come in contact with. I will smile at everyone I see, as I know they are a reflection of some aspect of me in my dream. If they smile back great, if not I never take it personally. Why would I? The ego may want to react with a judgement, but since I understand how this hologram works energetically, I simply WATCH my feelings and emotions instead of automatically reacting to anything anymore. I turn EVERY judgement for myself or others immediately into Compassion, thereby negating any energetic attachments and the pulling of more towards me of that which I may have judged. This is a huge key to “Innerstand” about how energy works.

Becoming this “Watcher” changed EVERYTHING in every area of my life for me for the better. It is one of the most powerful things one can ever learn on their spiritual path . It is a massive game changer. Are you mostly a “reactor” to anything that goes against your beLIEf “system” or a detached “watcher”?

Your answer will determine your level of Peace and your ability to only attract that which you DO desire into your energetic “field’. When one understands this and puts it into moment to moment practice, everything Shifts for the better. Practice makes the Master. And it actually takes less energy to “watch” than it does to react. Reacting lowers your vibration every time.

Begin to “watch” instead of reacting. Watch EVERY single urge to judge, contract, react, get triggered, or make someone else wrong. EVERYONE is your teacher when you Wake UP. Set your intentions at the beginning of each day and then be sure to “track” your daily energetic progress. Soon, you’ll notice a massive shift of flow, ease, grace, and magic.

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