*How to Attract Money and Abundance Into Your Life Within 30-60 Days By Using The Law of Attraction*

The art of attracting abundance in all forms into your life lies within how you think and what you say. Our words and thoughts hold a vibrational frequency that is sent out into the Universe, a vibrational match is met and sent back to you!
This IS The Law of Attraction that is the KeyπŸ”‘ to instant MANIFESTATION. πŸ’«

There’s a little more that goes into it though; a few key secrets that will get you on your way to magically attracting all forms of abundance into your life:

1.) Let Go and Let Be. Know the Universe will DIVINELY provide for you everything you need at the exact time you need it. If you are constantly worrying about money and how you will pay your bills, you will actually be creating more lack and more bills and expenses will pile up. Know the Universe provides you with a match of what you send it. πŸ”‘

2.) Positive thinking creates positive results. You literally have to change your thinking and inner dialogue from one of lack to one of abundance, and Say It! “I am abundantly wealthy in all areas of my life. All forms of abundance flow to me like a magnet” Say this three times a day for thirty days and watch your life begin to change. πŸ”‘

3.) Create a visual reminder to remind you daily to say this affirmation. This could be a photo of a 100.00 bill on your night stand, reminding you to say this affirmation in the morning when you rise and in the evening before bed. This is also an embedded picture in your mind’s eye that the Universe takes a snapshot of to bring you a match.πŸ”‘

4.) Every time I write out a bill, in the memo section I put T.Y.U. (Thank You Universe) I am thanking the Universe For providing me these funds and future funds to come. There is a consistently flowing positive vibration between me and the Universe. You can do the same.πŸ”‘

5.) Gratitude Is The Key To Abundance. Being thankful for everything in your life brings you more blessings of the same. Each night before you go to bed, say to yourself, “I am so thankful for__________in my life.” You can repeat in the morning to start your day flowing in the right direction of attracting abundance to you. πŸ”‘

6.) Retrain Your Brain-
Don’t say, “I can’t afford this.” (Cancel, Clear, Delete!!) Say, “I can afford this and I will attract the abundance into my life to obtain it.”πŸ”‘

7.) You have to think abundance to attract abundance. If you see yourself as already wealthy and abundant, then you are already wealthy and abundant. Visualize all the food you need stocked in your refrigerator and cupboards. Visualize the new car you need to replace the one that isn’t running so well. See yourself sitting in it and driving it. That snapshot just got sent to the Universe! The Universe doesn’t know that you are or aren’t wealthy and abundant, it just provides you with an exact vibrational match of what you send to it. Visualize what you need and want. πŸ”‘

8.) When working with the Law of Attraction and Universal Divine Source to manifest your reality into fruition, it is imperative to keep your vibration high. You must be carrying the love vibration in your heart and be heart centered and balanced at the same time. Be at peace within and joyful.πŸ”‘

9.) Through the Law of Attraction it says, what we give we get back. If you are one who does random actions in a couple s of kindness for others, this flow and seed you plant will reverberate out into the Universe. It will send you back a harvest you never expected! As you pass others, Bless Them and wish them Happiness, Health and Abundance. You don’t even have to say it out loud, you can say it in your mind and the vibration and snapshot is still taken by the Universe and Divine Source to return to you what you give out.πŸ”‘

10.) See your pile of bills as piles of checks! As you open each one look at the amount and put a +sign beside it instead of a -sign. Mentally deposit that amount into your checking account. Walk away. The next day, write out your bills and note in the memo section T.Y.U. (Thank You Universe). You will begin to see unexpected checks showing up in your mail or credits being applied to your account within 30-45 days of consistently doing this. πŸ”‘

11.) For those of you in a “service to others” profession, and you accept donations as an energy exchange for a service provided. A way to attract additional abundance is; set a small portion of this money aside, say $20.00-30.00, if you come across someone in need you can donate to their cause or their service, or do a random act of kindness with it. This keeps an even exchange of abundance flowing between the givers and receivers, and this attracts more of the same back to you. πŸ”‘

*Try these things for 30-60 days and your life will go from one of lack to one of abundance. It is The Law of Attraction! πŸ”‘

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