8-8 LIONS GATE – Ascension Portal Activation

The 8-8 is a day when we can more securely anchor our Consciousness onto the Positive Ascension Timeline and Leap off the 3D Matrix Timeline altogether, so we don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Even though 8-8 is called “The Lions Gate” and seems to carry strong masculine overtones, it is actually a “Stargate of the Goddess” that streams in Divine Feminine Energy which restores Harmony and Balance on our planet.

The Goddess is the Feminine aspect of SOURCE Creator and her presence was greatly suppressed on Earth many millennia ago, so this Portal can help us revive her presence and reconnect with her Loving Healing Energy.

Since we are in the final showdown between LIGHT and Dark here on Earth, Goddess Energy has never been more needed than it is right NOW! So we will want to strongly connect with the Goddess / Feminine Divine throughout this entire cosmic window and especially on August 8th to bring stability to the Global situation and ensure Peace will reign in our domain!!

The veil between the material and spiritual realms are very thin on 8-8 so it will be much easier to connect with the Goddess, SOURCE Creator and Angelic BEings on today.


* Tune into the Higher Mind, Higher Heart, Higher Wisdom

* Opportunity to harness a limitless supply of Power, Infinity and Immortality

* It has tremendous Quantum Leap Potential

* We can use it to Jump Timelines since the 8-8 Lions Gate is a TIME PORTAL

* It Supercharges our Consciousness

* Allows us to Reconnect with the Feminine Divine and the Mysteries of the Goddess

* The Empowerment Gateway – Fully Step Into Your Personal Power

* Connect with the Great Central Sun and Shine With the Light of A Thousand Suns

* Discharges Powerful Ascension LIGHT Codes and is an Accelerated Ascension Portal used by the ancients

Just as our physical Sun is considered to be the Giver of Life, Sirius has long been viewed as our Spiritual Life-Giver as it illuminates the inner planes of existence.

SIRIUS is the brightest Star in our night sky. It is twice as large in mass as our Sun and 26 times more luminous – quite a Magnificent star indeed!

Because it is such a brilliant luminary, Sirius is considered to be a broadcasting station of Spiritual Wisdom. These LIGHT Transmissions that are NOW flooding the Earth are packed full of the CODES of Spiritual Mastery, Evolution and Ascension.

These Diamond LIGHT CODES originating from the Great Central Sun can activate our DNA, strengthen our Aura (our personal energy field), prime our Pineal Gland and fuel our Quantum Leaping abilities!

Sirius is often referred to as the “Dog” star because it is found in the Canis Major constellation which is where we get the word “canine” from. One of the oldest Gods of Egypt was Anubis and he is portrayed as having the head of a jackal.

Dog spelled backwards = GOD

Accessing Sirius during the Lions Gate Portal can connect us with the Mind of GOD, who is in essence a Super-Conscious BEing.

When we do this, we our SELVES take Giant leaps in our own Consciousness. We then achieve GOD-Like status as our understanding of the Universe grows exponentially and we can more responsibly participate in the Divine co-creative process.

We are all aspects of SOURCE and each of us are unique individualized expressions of SOURCE.

We are Here to Experience……Express…..and…..Create!

with Sacred LOVE of ONE,

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