Put All Fear Aside

Ask yourself what would make your heart jump,
what would give peace to your soul, and what would excite your spirit!

Then go and do that. 

Put all fear aside.

Nothing will work out for you until you finally do that!

The time to live in fear and survival mode is over and a new world is ready to emerge.

What will you decide?
Where will you live?
What will you do?

Will you stay in the old matrix paradigm of disappointment, frustration, depression, and loneliness OR will you rise above it and follow your heart’s calling?

Your heart is your wisest ally. It knows all that which your ego is trying to bury underneath all that fear-based chatter of doubts.

Your ego is responsible for your survival but do you want to continue surviving or do you think it might be time to finally LIVE?

Only your heart can lead you out of 3D and into 5D. Listen to your heart’s call, it is your divine life purpose.

The old ways will NEVER come back. This world will NOT EVER be the same as we knew it. It is a good thing.

The planet is aligning with the frequency of unconditional love. 5D is Now Here. How do you enter/ascend?

By listening to your heart’s desire and taking action.

If you do nothing, what do you get? NOTHING.

Or you can take a leap of faith and step into your inherent god creator powers.

Right now there’s a veil between where you are and all your wishes fulfilled. All it takes is a leap of faith.

Do this exercise:
* Put one hand on your heart
* Take a few deep breaths in and out
* Imagine roots growing out of your feet and into the earth
* Now speak to your heart:

“I intend to become very clear on my heart’s desires so that I can begin acting upon all steps necessary to create my dream life.

Dear heart, I pledge to surrender to the highest frequency of all -LOVE.

I love myself unconditionally, I clearly recognize what I wish for, and I do have the courage to act upon it.

I know every step I take upon my pledge is divinely guided.

I call upon my guardian angels and spirit guides to clear the path ahead of me, protect me, guide me, provide all necessary information and tools, and assist me in a way that I reach ….(enter your desires)…. effortlessly within the blink of an eye.

A’HO. So be it.”

And while the old world is dying a painful and slow death in front of the eyes of those who see, you will enter the fifth-dimensional reality and call it your home.

Lose all your fears now.

You have free will. This choice is entirely up to you.

You are not a victim of this story, you are the creator of a new story.

5D is nowhere to go to. It is a choice that you must make NOW HERE. You cannot enter with fear.

You are courageous beyond your limited imagination. You are magnificent beings who herald great powers. Gods are in awe of you.


These things are not hard. They’re easy. Just use the blueprint.

How to access the blueprint?
It’s simple: have courage, close your eyes, jump!

Now, let’s create heaven on earth, shall we?

Love & Blessings,

Unkown Author

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