Innate Wholeness Balances

Number #1

A Full Spectrum Bio-Energetic Balance Can Correct Imbalances in the Body That Are Not Addressed by Modern Western Science.

We are all made up of energy and energetic frequencies. From auras to chakras to the function of our nervous systems, and the movement of muscles, these are all motivated by energetic feedback. Most western medicine only deals with imbalances in the body on a physical level.
However, we are more than just our physical bodies and the source of an issue may involve stresses unaddressed by western medicine. That’s where Full Spectrum, Bio-Energetic balancing can play an important role in keeping you healthy.

Number #2

A Full Spectrum Bio-Energetic Balance Can Address Issues In The Body in A Holistic Way.

Bio-Energetic sessions look at the entire system that is stressed and leading to dis-ease, not just the symptom. The human body works via a complex communication system that can easily be thrown off in the best of circumstances. If you add in all the hormonal, emotional, and physical stresses that we deal with in modern society it becomes easy for breakdowns in communication, and dis-ease to occur.
We’ve all gotten used to taking a pill to make the physical or emotional pain and anxiety go away. That works well to mask the pain, but it does not heal the root causes at the source. I can identify and align all the out-of-balance systems that cause your body to give off pain signals and that allows for deep healing.

Number #3

It Can’t Hurt You.

If you take the wrong medication or wind up in the wrong surgery room there can be serious consequences.
The beauty of this work is that it can’t hurt you. Even if I did the wrong procedure, if it is not what your body wants and needs it simply won’t accept it.
So there is nothing to be afraid of. The best most joyous version of you is eager to reveal itself to the world. All you need to do is take the first steps and release everything holding you back.

“All is in great flux and flow and the future self can not be determined as yet, as the future self indeed is created by yourself, with every thought you think, every word you speak and every action you are taking or not taking. Thus, indeed often the feeling for standing on shifting sands, and not being able to see much further than the next step, if even. That is okay. For at this moment of immense transition and indeed flux, as the Old Earth is disintegrating, and the old way of life and living, the transformation into the New Earth (if desired) is indeed that of allowing oneself to be transformed, without trying to force anything. The allowing is needed, for when one tries to direct the momentum, or the field, or indeed anything, one will be inclined to steer or direct from the space of the ego, and often from the fear of unknown, unchartered, instead of from the deepest knowing within, that in truth, at the helm of your own soul ship, is the Divine Captain, and indeed the Divine Captain can see, what you cannot see, and indeed is monitoring your process as a shipman, or sailor every step of the way. For when one navigates unchartered seas, one needs to work as a team, and trusting that each team member will indeed do his or her own thing perfectly, just as you are doing so, as best you can. Thus release the desire to know. What is unchartered holds within the magic, the awe and excitement of new discoveries, new lands to explore, a new life opening, and indeed new experiences. Yet, all are but expressions of a new life, a new song and more importantly, in a much higher dimensional frequency, in a totally new World. What can be more exciting than this?

Copyright Applies; Excerpt from a Follow UP SouL Reading

done by .Judith Kusel

Ask yourself what would make your heart jump,
what would give peace to your soul, and what would excite your spirit!

Then go and do that. 

Put all fear aside.

Nothing will work out for you until you finally do that!

The time to live in fear and survival mode is over and a new world is ready to emerge.

What will you decide?
Where will you live?
What will you do?

Will you stay in the old matrix paradigm of disappointment, frustration, depression, and loneliness OR will you rise above it and follow your heart’s calling?

Your heart is your wisest ally. It knows all that which your ego is trying to bury underneath all that fear-based chatter of doubts.

Your ego is responsible for your survival but do you want to continue surviving or do you think it might be time to finally LIVE?

Only your heart can lead you out of 3D and into 5D. Listen to your heart’s call, it is your divine life purpose.

The old ways will NEVER come back. This world will NOT EVER be the same as we knew it. It is a good thing.

The planet is aligning with the frequency of unconditional love. 5D is Now Here. How do you enter/ascend?

By listening to your heart’s desire and taking action.

If you do nothing, what do you get? NOTHING.

Or you can take a leap of faith and step into your inherent god creator powers.

Right now there’s a veil between where you are and all your wishes fulfilled. All it takes is a leap of faith.

Do this exercise:
* Put one hand on your heart
* Take a few deep breaths in and out
* Imagine roots growing out of your feet and into the earth
* Now speak to your heart:

“I intend to become very clear on my heart’s desires so that I can begin acting upon all steps necessary to create my dream life.

Dear heart, I pledge to surrender to the highest frequency of all -LOVE.

I love myself unconditionally, I clearly recognize what I wish for, and I do have the courage to act upon it.

I know every step I take upon my pledge is divinely guided.

I call upon my guardian angels and spirit guides to clear the path ahead of me, protect me, guide me, provide all necessary information and tools, and assist me in a way that I reach ….(enter your desires)…. effortlessly within the blink of an eye.

A’HO. So be it.”

And while the old world is dying a painful and slow death in front of the eyes of those who see, you will enter the fifth-dimensional reality and call it your home.

Lose all your fears now.

You have free will. This choice is entirely up to you.

You are not a victim of this story, you are the creator of a new story.

5D is nowhere to go to. It is a choice that you must make NOW HERE. You cannot enter with fear.

You are courageous beyond your limited imagination. You are magnificent beings who herald great powers. Gods are in awe of you.


These things are not hard. They’re easy. Just use the blueprint.

How to access the blueprint?
It’s simple: have courage, close your eyes, jump!

Now, let’s create heaven on earth, shall we?

Love & Blessings,

Unkown Author

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.
We send you Blessings of LOVE and LIGHT, in this NOW Moment, and we invite you to open your Heart to our message for you…
As you have moved through the Equinox Energy PORTAL, you are NOW able to step forward on your path to Freedom, Peace, Love, Abundance and Well-BEing.
You are FREE – Always.
If the illusion of your experience is trying to tell you otherwise, remember that you are FREE to choose your Thoughts and how you wish to Feel.
This is your ultimate FREEDOM.
When you choose to align with God / SOURCE with every Thought, Feeling, Word and Action, you are withdrawing the power from the illusion of your world and place it where it BElongs: God/SOURCE.
When someone gives power to circumstances and people, this Divine God/SOURCE Energy is BE-ing distorted and diminished.
“But circumstances and people are so persistent in my experience!” you might say.
Yes, that is true, as long as you let them keep the power over your experience.
This Cycle has been going on for eons and you NOW have the Chance to Break this Cycle:
Each NEW day is a NEW BEginning and the Opportunity to give your power to God/SOURCE instead of circumstances and people, so that your circumstances and interactions reflect Divine LOVE and Perfection.
Here is how you can BEgin this process:
At the start of your day, state your Intend to let only God/SOURCE to take Charge of your day.
Feel the Golden LIGHT of the presence of God/SOURCE enter your BEing and enfold you in Divine LOVE.
Then, as you go about your day and circumstances and people are pulling on your attention, visualize this Golden LIGHT of God/SOURCE around you and then, respond.
Do this every time when this happens.
Over time, your circumstance and interactions will BEgin to reflect your Alignment with God/SOURCE and Divine Love, Divine Peace, Divine Perfection, Divine Health, Divine Creativity, Divine Abundance, Divine Collaborations and Divine Well-BEing.
It takes consistent Focus and an Unwavering Desire to Break this Cycle.
When you do that, you will BEgin to understand and feel that God/SOURCE is only Divine LOVE and LOVES you – Always.
Eventually, you will BEcome the embodiment of God/SOURCE and Divine LOVE in all circumstances and all interactions.
KNOW That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.
Welcome Home.
We are walking beside you, every step of the way.
Dear Ones, you are LOVED beyond measure. Always.
I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and I bring you this TRUTH.
Thank you, Archangel Michael!
Channelled through Asara Adams

Each Heart Cell BEgins to open individually, like a bud of a flower opening to the Sun. These HIGHER Frequency Vibrations create an activation through the brain synapses within the Nervous System, reopening the Telepathic centers within your brain. These centers are a natural aspect of the makeup of your Multidimensional Sacred Systems. This Sacred aspect connects you to the HIGHER Realm State of SELF. Each time you choose to engage consciously through your Heart, these HIGHER Frequencies will create this transformation through the Cells of your Heart and Brain Centers.

The Network Grid is widening its capacity daily, expanding its frequency to support you in your day-to-day life. Your reconnection to the Network Grid can only be achieved through the action of reconnection within your Heart. This process CANNOT be corrupted by the third-dimensional illusion, despite the ongoing drama.

The third-dimensional chaos on Earth is set to continue. You can expect the unfolding drama to accelerate through to the end of this year. Know that this time of chaos is designed to assist you in changing your relationship to your Human aspect, for you to align and activate a HIGHER vibrational reconnection to your Multidimensional Heart Space. Your Heart holds your full Sacred Component.

This month heralds in a Huge SHIFT within the Network Grid. The GRID itself is undergoing a further transformation, which will allow you to access a more fluid transitional state within its LIGHT Frequency. The Network is opening up NEW Doorways, enabling you to receive Revelations, a deeper essence of understanding of who you are within your God Consciousness State. This allows you to commune beyond where you have previously realigned within the HIGHER Realm Consciousness, enabling you to move into vast experiences of SELF that have NOT been accessible previously.

You are BE-ing called forward at this juncture for your reconnection to SELF. Remember that the Conscious Breath, a Breath in and out of the mouth utilized every now and again, will BE instrumental in your successful reconnection to the NETWORK GRID.

1. Bring both palms to rest on your chest (this is your Heart Space).

2. Open your Awareness where your hands rest and place your Conscious Breath, like a soft wind, into the space. Feel yourself aligning into your Heart Space.

3. Wait until you feel, see or sense the energy essence of your Heart Space open. This may be warmth, tingling, movement, fluidity or light, maybe just a sense of the space. As you place the Conscious Breath in this Space, you align or open deeper. Allow your Awareness to expand within the elements of the Heart Space as it opens. Fill your Awareness within the experience.

4. Once you have aligned within your Heart, you can begin to open up the essence of the Network Grid. Keep physically connected to your Heart Space with your hands and bring your Awareness outwards beyond your physical body. Open your Awareness into your Energetic Field that surrounds you.

5. The Network Grid is linked to the unique energy of your Field of LIGHT. Utilize this Sacred Sound, ESTEN TAHN (pronounced esten tarn), within your Energetic Field. Bring as many sounds within your Energetic Space and build upon your sounds.

6. The Network Grid recognizes your unique frequency of the sound and it begins to open up to you further. As you make more of the sounds, let your Awareness open towards the energy of the Network Grid that you feel, see or sense.

7. Feel yourself being received by the Network Grid, drawn like a magnet into the unlimited essence of the Network Grid LIGHT. Use your Awareness and Conscious Breath to fully align and open into this vast space of structured LIGHT. Open into the communion and Let Go with the Conscious Breath.

8. Feel yourself being aligned to your place within your God LIGHT. Feel yourself anchoring into your place, being received, acknowledged. Use the Conscious Breath to Let Go and align deeper, claiming your place.

9. Open your hands slowly off your chest and allow your Awareness to move through a space that is being revealed to you. It’s like opening a doorway, taking you further within the Network Grid frequency of your place within the Communion.

10. Let Go and Utilize the Conscious Breath to anchor and claim your realignment further. Keep Letting Go with your Breath. Open your awareness to consciously link deeply within the God Consciousness Communion Energy, which is Here. Allow a Letting Go within you to occur. This will open up the space for you to reclaim and anchor into your Sacred reconnection within the Communion of God LIGHT.

11. When this phase feels complete for now, bring your hands and awareness slowly back to your physical chest.

12. Feel a pathway BE-ing established from the Network Grid into your Heart Cells. Utilize the Conscious Breath into your Heart Cells and feel, sense or see the pathway from the Grid Forge within your Heart. Feel, see or sense the frequency of the Communion of your God LIGHT anchor within your Cells.

This is your Sacred Process that unfolds into a unique journey each time you work within the Activated Energy. This is your next step in your Enlightenment process. We witness and salute your commitment to towards your own destiny. This is a SELF-Empowerment Process for Change, which has been Gifted to you at this time.

Take moments to witness your Humanity and bring Compassion to your SELF and all that you are within any one space of time. You have navigated within the journey of your story and this is the time to release the illusion of the importance of your story. Your Ego Mind holds tightly to this illusion.

Remember: you are much more than your story. Move beyond the limited perception of your Ego Mind and reach within your Heart to align within the vast aspect of your Natural Sacred Component.

We wish to remind you that there is nothing you need to change within your Human imperfection in order to move into your Enlightenment Process within your Heart right NOW. As you actively choose moments to reconnect within the vastness of your Multidimensional Heart, you are simultaneously choosing to deepen your Alignment to your Purpose for this time.

Moment by Moment, allow your Realignment to your Multidimensional Sacred Heart.

We Hold LOVE around you as you proceed, Step by Step, Moment by Moment.



Full channel Available at:

Channeled through Christine Day 💜

8-8 LIONS GATE – Ascension Portal Activation

The 8-8 is a day when we can more securely anchor our Consciousness onto the Positive Ascension Timeline and Leap off the 3D Matrix Timeline altogether, so we don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Even though 8-8 is called “The Lions Gate” and seems to carry strong masculine overtones, it is actually a “Stargate of the Goddess” that streams in Divine Feminine Energy which restores Harmony and Balance on our planet.

The Goddess is the Feminine aspect of SOURCE Creator and her presence was greatly suppressed on Earth many millennia ago, so this Portal can help us revive her presence and reconnect with her Loving Healing Energy.

Since we are in the final showdown between LIGHT and Dark here on Earth, Goddess Energy has never been more needed than it is right NOW! So we will want to strongly connect with the Goddess / Feminine Divine throughout this entire cosmic window and especially on August 8th to bring stability to the Global situation and ensure Peace will reign in our domain!!

The veil between the material and spiritual realms are very thin on 8-8 so it will be much easier to connect with the Goddess, SOURCE Creator and Angelic BEings on today.


* Tune into the Higher Mind, Higher Heart, Higher Wisdom

* Opportunity to harness a limitless supply of Power, Infinity and Immortality

* It has tremendous Quantum Leap Potential

* We can use it to Jump Timelines since the 8-8 Lions Gate is a TIME PORTAL

* It Supercharges our Consciousness

* Allows us to Reconnect with the Feminine Divine and the Mysteries of the Goddess

* The Empowerment Gateway – Fully Step Into Your Personal Power

* Connect with the Great Central Sun and Shine With the Light of A Thousand Suns

* Discharges Powerful Ascension LIGHT Codes and is an Accelerated Ascension Portal used by the ancients

Just as our physical Sun is considered to be the Giver of Life, Sirius has long been viewed as our Spiritual Life-Giver as it illuminates the inner planes of existence.

SIRIUS is the brightest Star in our night sky. It is twice as large in mass as our Sun and 26 times more luminous – quite a Magnificent star indeed!

Because it is such a brilliant luminary, Sirius is considered to be a broadcasting station of Spiritual Wisdom. These LIGHT Transmissions that are NOW flooding the Earth are packed full of the CODES of Spiritual Mastery, Evolution and Ascension.

These Diamond LIGHT CODES originating from the Great Central Sun can activate our DNA, strengthen our Aura (our personal energy field), prime our Pineal Gland and fuel our Quantum Leaping abilities!

Sirius is often referred to as the “Dog” star because it is found in the Canis Major constellation which is where we get the word “canine” from. One of the oldest Gods of Egypt was Anubis and he is portrayed as having the head of a jackal.

Dog spelled backwards = GOD

Accessing Sirius during the Lions Gate Portal can connect us with the Mind of GOD, who is in essence a Super-Conscious BEing.

When we do this, we our SELVES take Giant leaps in our own Consciousness. We then achieve GOD-Like status as our understanding of the Universe grows exponentially and we can more responsibly participate in the Divine co-creative process.

We are all aspects of SOURCE and each of us are unique individualized expressions of SOURCE.

We are Here to Experience……Express…..and…..Create!

with Sacred LOVE of ONE,


*How to Attract Money and Abundance Into Your Life Within 30-60 Days By Using The Law of Attraction*

The art of attracting abundance in all forms into your life lies within how you think and what you say. Our words and thoughts hold a vibrational frequency that is sent out into the Universe, a vibrational match is met and sent back to you!
This IS The Law of Attraction that is the Key🔑 to instant MANIFESTATION. 💫

There’s a little more that goes into it though; a few key secrets that will get you on your way to magically attracting all forms of abundance into your life:

1.) Let Go and Let Be. Know the Universe will DIVINELY provide for you everything you need at the exact time you need it. If you are constantly worrying about money and how you will pay your bills, you will actually be creating more lack and more bills and expenses will pile up. Know the Universe provides you with a match of what you send it. 🔑

2.) Positive thinking creates positive results. You literally have to change your thinking and inner dialogue from one of lack to one of abundance, and Say It! “I am abundantly wealthy in all areas of my life. All forms of abundance flow to me like a magnet” Say this three times a day for thirty days and watch your life begin to change. 🔑

3.) Create a visual reminder to remind you daily to say this affirmation. This could be a photo of a 100.00 bill on your night stand, reminding you to say this affirmation in the morning when you rise and in the evening before bed. This is also an embedded picture in your mind’s eye that the Universe takes a snapshot of to bring you a match.🔑

4.) Every time I write out a bill, in the memo section I put T.Y.U. (Thank You Universe) I am thanking the Universe For providing me these funds and future funds to come. There is a consistently flowing positive vibration between me and the Universe. You can do the same.🔑

5.) Gratitude Is The Key To Abundance. Being thankful for everything in your life brings you more blessings of the same. Each night before you go to bed, say to yourself, “I am so thankful for__________in my life.” You can repeat in the morning to start your day flowing in the right direction of attracting abundance to you. 🔑

6.) Retrain Your Brain-
Don’t say, “I can’t afford this.” (Cancel, Clear, Delete!!) Say, “I can afford this and I will attract the abundance into my life to obtain it.”🔑

7.) You have to think abundance to attract abundance. If you see yourself as already wealthy and abundant, then you are already wealthy and abundant. Visualize all the food you need stocked in your refrigerator and cupboards. Visualize the new car you need to replace the one that isn’t running so well. See yourself sitting in it and driving it. That snapshot just got sent to the Universe! The Universe doesn’t know that you are or aren’t wealthy and abundant, it just provides you with an exact vibrational match of what you send to it. Visualize what you need and want. 🔑

8.) When working with the Law of Attraction and Universal Divine Source to manifest your reality into fruition, it is imperative to keep your vibration high. You must be carrying the love vibration in your heart and be heart centered and balanced at the same time. Be at peace within and joyful.🔑

9.) Through the Law of Attraction it says, what we give we get back. If you are one who does random actions in a couple s of kindness for others, this flow and seed you plant will reverberate out into the Universe. It will send you back a harvest you never expected! As you pass others, Bless Them and wish them Happiness, Health and Abundance. You don’t even have to say it out loud, you can say it in your mind and the vibration and snapshot is still taken by the Universe and Divine Source to return to you what you give out.🔑

10.) See your pile of bills as piles of checks! As you open each one look at the amount and put a +sign beside it instead of a -sign. Mentally deposit that amount into your checking account. Walk away. The next day, write out your bills and note in the memo section T.Y.U. (Thank You Universe). You will begin to see unexpected checks showing up in your mail or credits being applied to your account within 30-45 days of consistently doing this. 🔑

11.) For those of you in a “service to others” profession, and you accept donations as an energy exchange for a service provided. A way to attract additional abundance is; set a small portion of this money aside, say $20.00-30.00, if you come across someone in need you can donate to their cause or their service, or do a random act of kindness with it. This keeps an even exchange of abundance flowing between the givers and receivers, and this attracts more of the same back to you. 🔑

*Try these things for 30-60 days and your life will go from one of lack to one of abundance. It is The Law of Attraction! 🔑

Got Magic? Do you now realize that YOU are manifesting everything that shows up in your Dream? Yes, we are dreaming all of the time.

I begin each day with this INtention and as a result my days are filled with positivity, magic, and synchronicities. And if something happens that throws me off a bit, I can reclaim my energetic balance and frequency very quickly.

As soon as I awaken out of what many call the “sleeping dream”, I immediately go into Gratitude before having any other thoughts about the day. I name off all of the things that I AM grateful for, from my soft pillow to my space wherever I am staying, then giving great thanks for my miraculous body, surroundings and on and on. This immediately raises my vibration before thinking about anything that needs to be done in the “future”. I have trained myself to do this and the rewards are undeniable…… Next I envision my day flowing with magic & miracles. Then I state to myself: “Today I will make it a point to UPlift & INspire everyone I come in contact with. I will smile at everyone I see, as I know they are a reflection of some aspect of me in my dream. If they smile back great, if not I never take it personally. Why would I? The ego may want to react with a judgement, but since I understand how this hologram works energetically, I simply WATCH my feelings and emotions instead of automatically reacting to anything anymore. I turn EVERY judgement for myself or others immediately into Compassion, thereby negating any energetic attachments and the pulling of more towards me of that which I may have judged. This is a huge key to “Innerstand” about how energy works.

Becoming this “Watcher” changed EVERYTHING in every area of my life for me for the better. It is one of the most powerful things one can ever learn on their spiritual path . It is a massive game changer. Are you mostly a “reactor” to anything that goes against your beLIEf “system” or a detached “watcher”?

Your answer will determine your level of Peace and your ability to only attract that which you DO desire into your energetic “field’. When one understands this and puts it into moment to moment practice, everything Shifts for the better. Practice makes the Master. And it actually takes less energy to “watch” than it does to react. Reacting lowers your vibration every time.

Begin to “watch” instead of reacting. Watch EVERY single urge to judge, contract, react, get triggered, or make someone else wrong. EVERYONE is your teacher when you Wake UP. Set your intentions at the beginning of each day and then be sure to “track” your daily energetic progress. Soon, you’ll notice a massive shift of flow, ease, grace, and magic.

My Blog is here to offer tips, ways of thinking and essentially life hacks that I have found make life a bit easier. Along with that I imagine I will throw in some of my own pictures as well as posting health and wholeness ideas that resonate with me and others may find useful..